Facilities Management

We manage facilities for both the public and private sector, throughout the Gauteng Province. Our services include but are not limited to:-

  1. General Building maintenance
  2. Access control systems maintenance
  3. CCTV system maintenance
  4. Air-conditioning system maintenance
  5. Elevator/Escalator maintenance
  6. Fire detection system maintenance
  7. Alternative power system maintenance

Our service include the maintenance of monthly reports on the above services, regular feedback with clients and the issuance of monthly project status reports. We provide performance monitoring as shown below:-

  • a) Manage, monitor and report on the state of the premises’ facilities; –
  • b) Measure performance using agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPls):-
  • c) Apply industry best practice in the management of the various aspects of the facility;
  • d) Ensure consistency of use and repairs of facilities;
  • e) Embrace a culture of continuous improvement within the facilities service function.